EuroGeographics Executive Director and Secretary General Dave Lovell was elected as the President Elect at the GSDI Associaton Council meeting in Quebec City, Canada. 

Priorities of the GSDI, according to Mr Lovell

- the delivery of benefits to all members and membership growth
the aim to build strong relationships with individuals and organisations capable for impacting on the global level
- to implement a careful management of limited finances to ensure maximum impact from expenditure and to develop a clearly articulated strategy and operational plan which focuses on outcomes.

Picture: by courtesy of Dr. Gábor Remetey-Fülöpp

From left to right:

- Mr Dave Lovell, President-elect GSDI
- Mr Abbas Rajabifard, Past President GSDI
- Mr David Coleman, President GSDI
- Mr Bruce McCormack, President EUROGI 

EUROGI wishes to congratulate the new President-Elect of the GSDI!